Thursday, December 29, 2011

St. George Cafe/Restaraunt, The Hague, Holland

Cafe Sint Joris, Den Haag,
oil on wood panel
6"x 4"
painted on location - Wed 11 May 2011

private collection - Florida, USA

Thought since my 1st posting is a detail of this cafe, now you can see it, in its full splendor. Painted in May, this year. A nice place to sit down and have your favorite brew!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sint Joris - Christmas scene in The Hague

Sint Joris Cafe, Den Haag
ink,charcol,pastel on brown paper 30 x 23 cm
made on location - 02 Jan 2009


Made sometime ago, this image seems quite appropriate to send out at this time of year. Some of you may recall that I have made several works from this cafe/restauraunt, over the years. And can you blame me, really? A perfectly balanced design was created on the windows with the Christmas decorations which harmonized with the exterior menu board of this picturesque culinary establishment. It attrachted my attention, as I was cycling along one cold winters day. Having my drawing gear with me, I gave it a go, and this was the result.