Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy summers memory

oil on canvas - 60 x 80cm
painted on location - 5 May 2013/reworked in studio 10 October 2013

Unless you are following me on Facebook, you haven't seen this painting as yet. Made during the Glory Painters Festival, April/May 2013, at Bergen Aan Zee,  however  not quite happy with the result I freshened it up yesterday afternoon. This week has been a right off for me to be on location, rain, rain, and more rain. Mind you a few sunny bursts here and there, between the heavy laden dark clouds. Felt I would like to bring to your monitor this gay scene of a happy child running to the beach from up high in the dunes. Funny the name of the cafe on the left is Rembrandt Aan Zee.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dahlia pickers, Zundert, Holland

oil on canvas - 70 x 90 cm,
painted on location -  1 sept 2007 (repainted Aug 2012)

This is the second large format work I painted on the Zundert Schildersfestival. Made in the early afternoon, at the same dahlia field as yesterdays Wet Painting, (only from a different view point). Luckily for me there came along flower pickers, as it was the last day to prepare the floats for the famous blomen corso. They added a nice accent to the composition, The horizon line was also made interesting due to the wind effect on the trees. Painting the amazing Dutch sky was also a challenge as the clouds were definitely in a hurry to get somewhere.