Monday, February 6, 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #1

Skaters, Dobbelplas, Nootdorp (Nr Delft)
oil on wooden door panel
10" x 29"
painted on location - Sat 4 Feb 2012

€ 525

Well, most Dutch people are rejoicing with the on slot of below zero temperatures, and didn't take long to get their Nordic skates out to hit the frozen ponds and canals scattered throughout The Lowlands! Fortunately for me I have this wonderful natural setting, Dobbelplas, Nootdorp, just a short car drive distance from my studio. In 2 days I made 3 paintings, this being the 1st. Probabaly will get out there again, but one day of rest, as yesterday I almost developed frost bite on my right foot. And that was with two pairs of thick woolen socks and well insulated winter boots!

Again as difficult to take quality picture of this format work, a couple of close ups for your viewing pleasure.

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