Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winters Magic on Ice #5

Selena skating with view of the Neiuwe Kerk tower, Delft
oil on canvas
16" x 37"
painted on location - fri/sat. 10/11 Feb 2012
finished in studio - mon. 20 Feb 2012

$ 850

The last of this series, as here in The Lowlands, skating fever is already history! Right now on this pond there are a few patchs of ice scattered about, which the ducks seem to be enjoying. My daughter joined me on Saturday 11th Feb, we arrived on location just before 08.30hrs and to my disbelieve we were the only ones on the ice! After skating a few times round this ice track, I set up my easel and got to work. I asked her to keep skating around the bend thus she has become the focal point of this composition. As you can see by the price, I'm not eager to give this one away.

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